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Marantz 4415

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I like to say hats off to Hi-Fi Engine for hosting a website that freely offers owners manuals/schematics/service manuals for audiophiles who can appreciate the effort and quality of pioneer scientists and engineers of long ago.

I do own a Technics 6 channel receiver, but in the few years I did use it as a home theater unit, I only found 1 dvd that was formatted in 6 channel. I think I had better use for it to cook bacon & eggs, as in idle mode, the heat dissipation was better than any hot plate I ever owned! Not to mention, that if "I stood on it", the fan immediately kicked in, and the receiver out, as it couldn't handle or perform as promised, which pretty much goes with anything sold on the lower end unit today, in the way of home theater.

I also wanted to thank all the contributors for taking the time to upload anything they had in the way of manuals. My personal experience before I found Hi-Fi Engine, was frustrating days of internet surfing to no avail, except for those that try and enterprise off selling manuals, although some were doing so just to cover their costs of reproduction and shipping.

I have several Marantz models, those being: 2225, 2252, 2275, 2330b and of course the 4415. All are up and running except the latter. I also have an older Hitachi Quad which needs a 4 gang volume control.

I have 9 Paradigm speakers, models: monitor 3, monitors 7 & 8 and the model 350 centre channel speaker.

I thoroughly enjoy using all the Marantz models I have, but I wanted to mention something to those who've never heard the model 4415, and others who refer to it as "low end quad".

Before the right channel went down, I used it at my bedside, being connected to my tv, cassette deck, and cd player. Few stereo's you'll find, can actually have the volume turned to the max with zero distortion, and 15 watts RMS X 4 is nothing to complain about for a true quad with an amazing array of tone modes, and the ability to toss the voice track from front to rear, as well as the Dolby socket and remote control.

To those uninformed, heat sink silicone has it days numbered before it drys and stops transferring heat to the sinks, which I believe was the culprit in the failure of the right channel.

I'm currently in China wife my wife until possibly June/2010, but I do have the schematic for the 4415, which I will upload here when I return home, but as for my first post, I didn't think to bring the numbers of the parts I need to finish repairing it and I thought maybe some here might have known them, as it's easier and cheaper to acquire vintage parts here in Asia.

I can tell you that I have "blown up" the model 23330b several times (130 watts), and I had to use new output transistors from a Traynor amp, as nothing else cross referenced, a venue to keep in mind, where there's a will, there's a way!

Take care, patrick007