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Marantz 5020

I have a Marantz 5020 cassette deck that I recently picked up. I hooked it up and there is no sound coming from it. All the lights are working and the motor and belts are also working fine. The meters are not moving. I don't have much for test equipment, but can someone tell what the problem maybe?

... first check the fuses

... first check the fuses inside the tapedeck. You can find them by removing the bottom plate ( three pices, two with 1 A, one with 3,15 A ).

Marantz 5020

Thanks for the reply I must be blind, I took the bottom and top plate off and I don,t see the fuses. Can you direct me to them.

... the three fuses are

... the three fuses are nearby the powercord in seperate fuse holders, not on a printcontrol board.
I have just tested these in my tapedeck by unlocking all three fuses: If there is only no signal, but tape is running, the left one ( 1 A ) should be broken, if no signal and no tape transport, it should be the right one ( if the mid one is broken, there are no lights at all ).

Left , right ? Tapedeck is lying on the top, bottom plate is removed, fuses are in the left ( rear ) corner next by the power cord.