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Marantz 74SR65/01B

Hello everybody,

I need a little help with Marantz 74SR65/01B. I can't find anywhere service manual for this model. Can someone help me? I need to replace ( already wrong replaced ) parts.

Thanks in advance


Marantz SR-65


Did you know if I can replace

Do you know if I can replace the NJH11017 & NJH11018 with other compatibile transistors because those are hard to find here. I can't even find specifiactions about NJH transistors :( Need some others compatibile transistors. Thnaks


Zdravo Martin!

Zdravo Sbirov! :) I found it

Zdravo Sbirov! :)

I found it on EAC VRT-DISK. Thank you very much, I own you a beer :))

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!