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Marantz CD player hierarchy


I have managed to accumulate a number of Marantz CD players over the years, and now need to have a clear out and keep just one.

They are:
- CD42 Mk2
- CD52 Mk2
- CD63 Mk2 K.I. signature
- CD6000OSE

Now I presume that in general, 'the higher the number, the better the player', but is the CD6000OSE considered to be a better machine than the CD63 Mk2 K.I.?

The display on my CD6000OSE is dead, and I need to know whether it's worth repairing, or should I just keep the CD63 Mk2 K.I.?

I appreciate that it's; 'what sounds best to you', but I'd still appreciate others' views.


Re: Marantz CD player hierarchy

I'm no expert on those models, but I can tell you that many of the early versions of audio equipment were very well made and the later versions were cheapened to save costs. The CD-42 and 52 look to be solidly built. The fact that the 6000 has a bad display (and several service bulletins) does not say much for that model.