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Marantz Dcc

Hi , I have a Marantz Dcc 92 machine which has started to malfunction in that the sound drops outs (completely or intermittently) whenever I try to use it. The machines as new and the heads are clean and from what I`ve read its a common fault amongst dcc machines. Can anyone explain to me what the cause is and provide a solution as to how to fix this ?

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the head amplifier behind and

the head amplifier behind and underneath the deck is the suspect for most of the case.

someone discovered that the electrolytic capacitor dried or leaking the acid.

i found the power supply to the head biasing circuit was not working due to a via no longer conductive.

there is a pot on that board can adjust the playback level. it might need a try too.

Marantz Dcc

Hi Dalpaul , Thanks very much for the info-much appreciated. I`ll certainly give this a try and report back.


you might interest trying a

you might interest trying a pre-recorded tape.

i bought a 730 and it completely no sound for a tape recorded by 900. but it works fine for pre-recorded tape.

in this case, i have no reason to complain the seller.