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Marantz mod 5020 cassette deck lighting.

I have owned a Marantz mod. 5020 cassette deck since 1978 and it has always worked fine. Recently I decided to change a broken fuse-lamp at the VU-meters lighting. When I connected the deck again, all lights were gone, including the REC , the VU-meters, and the cassette compartment lights. More over, the VU-meters ceased to move when playing a tape. The motor still works and I still get sound on the play-back outlet. The main fuse is still intact. Maybe I used a wrong replacement bulb which could have caused a short of some kind...(?) Now I have bought the right fuse-lamps through a distributor via Internet, but they won't lit.
I downloaded a service manual for the mod. 5220 which is very similar to mine, but cannot find anything about lighting. I have to admit I'm not a professional with electronics and my instrumentation is very limited.
Does anybody have an idea to help me solving this problem? ( at least a lead as where to look at...)
Also the erase head seems not to work properly when making a new recording on an used cassette. Tried to clean it properly with alcool, with a bit of result but not perfect. Should I use something else?
Many thanks in advance,
Hugues Pulings.

Hello Hugues, first I have

Hello Hugues,

first I have no shematics or else from the 5020 and these would be helpfull ( maybe someone has one, it will be great ), but I have the tapedeck and I had replaced all lightnings a year ago.

The fuse lamps have 8 V and 200 mA.

A broken lamp cannot damage something, but it´s possible ( and I think so ), that you have either built in a lamp, which needs a higher current or - during the repair - you have produced a short cut.

The main fuse at the backside is obviously o.k., otherwise nothing would function.
But there are three secondary fuses ( two with 1 A, one with 3,15 A ). To change them , you have to remove the bottom plate ( I think eight or nine screws ).

I think, one of them will be broken.

Try first these and than reply.



Marantz mod.5020 cassette deck lighting.

Hi Arctic,
Thanks a lot for the instant reply and instant solution!!!
Followed your suggestion and found the 3,15A burnt. Unfortunately, I only have as spare a 4A. Would this damage anything if i use that one?
I am not very familiar with low amperage and don't really know what a difference of 0,75A would do on this circuit.
Any advice?
As for the schematics, you could download the mod.5220 service manual, which seems very similar to our model, on this site.
Many thanks again for your help!!
Best regards,

... better is the 3,15 A,

... better is the 3,15 A, but I would try,, if it was mine.

Marantz mod.5020

Couldn't find a 3,15 Amp. Tried 2 Amps: suppose it couln't do any harm, perhaps lose a little strenght in case of overtension but be safer than a 4 Amps.
Please react if this could be dangerous!
Has the 5220 service manual been of any use?
Will renew the lighting on my 2245 now.
Many thanks for your help anyway!
Best regards,

...no, isn´t dangerous, but

...no, isn´t dangerous, but I think, 2 A will be a little bit to week.

The service Manual of the 5220 I have downloaded and it seemed to be similar, thanks.
Do you have an owner manual for your 5020 ?

A hint for the replacement of the lamps of any Marantz is, to replace all. The look is more identical. On ebay there are complete sets offerred. ... and ask the seller before, to add a 3,15 A fuse.

... and before replacement, unplug the unit and wait a little bit till all capacitors are unloaded.

Greets and much luck


Marantz mod 5020 lighting.

Dear Arctic,
Everything is back to normal now: thanks a lot! Will try with 2 AMP fuse in the meantime, until I find a 3,15. Changed all the lamps and it looks gorgeous.
Took the opportunity to replace the lighting on my mod 2245 receiver and cleaned the whole inside as well: looks like new!
Will try and upload my owner's manual on this site when I have some spare time, you'll be able to download it from there.
Many thanks once again for your help!
All the best,