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Marantz mod 5020 cassette recorder: recording problem.

Hi All,

I bought this Marantz mod 5020 cassette recorder in '78 and have used it a lot without any problems ever since.
Very nice piece of equipment indeed!
Last week, I tried to record a serie of various songs from CD's as well as from Vinyls. Set to usual rec. levels and the result turned out to be severely distorted on the "S" sounds.
Attempted to lower the recording level on another trial, without result. Still distorted "S"'.
Re-recorded on another deck (Marantz SD 230) and the problem had disappeared.
Cleaned the heads thoroughly with isopropyl alcool, demagnetized them, with no results.
Could it be that the "super hard permalloy head" is worn? This happened so suddenly...
Anyone to suggest an other cause/solution?
Many thanks for your ideas...



Marantz mod 5020 cass. deck: recording problem

Still haven't found the solution.
Is there an adjustment to be made on the EQ ?
Or is there something wrong with the recording head?
Please help!

Thanks in advance.



You can check if the REC/PLAY

You can check if the REC/PLAY switch is the problem,without taking the deck apart.Put in a recordable cassette.Hold down the stop button and then push the record button down many times.Then do a recording to see if the problem is fixed.If fixed,take the case or bottom panel off and spray out the switch with a good contact cleaner.

I think, there is a problem

I think, there is a problem with oxidation in tape-selector (equalisation) switches. Clean them!
It's the same effect when you take a Chrome-tape and The selector is set to normal.