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Marantz Model 19 - Handbood of Instructions, etc. needed

For a Marantz Model 19, I am looking for actual items or referral to specific contacts:

1. Handbook of Instructions (Owners Manual)
2. Faceplate in pristine or near pristine condition
3. Screws for faceplate
4. Screw for wire terminals on back of unit
5. Factory box with packing
6. WC-9 Cabinet in good or better condition
7. Service Manual, complete, factory printed
8. Repair shop (preferably in Oregon or Washington) with integrity and competency to do factory technical standards work. Basically equal to work done "back in the day" at Marantz Sun Valley facility.

Please send info, asking price , etc. in private message.

I'm trying to fix and clean up a used unit, much to my joy I was fortunate to find recently. It will sit beside a Model 18 that I bought new in 1970. Sort of wished back then I had waited to buy the 19, but at age 18 the cost of $470 for the 18 versus $1000 for the 19 made for an easy decision.

Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.