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Marantz Model 3300 / 240 Power Amp

Hi, Just joined this fabulous channel and want to ask a question straight away. I have a friend who is staging a small party and being a newbie i do not know how to connect a microphone, a powered subwoofer and an Ipod to the above combo. I tried the microphone in the Mic R or Mic L and it creates lot of hum and no sound. I tried it in the phone with the same result. I tried the ipod in the tuner - nothing. next tried the phone 1 or 2 only very loud buzzing. I have connected Marantz CD63SE and Marantz 75II in the AUX and both play beautifully. Have a pair of Yamaha NS1000M attached. Is this combo too powerful for my NS1000 Monitors?

Your suggestions and recommendations will be much, much appreciated

thanks - pennnyless