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Marantz model 4270 Set up problem

I'm a real new person for this vintage stereo receiver and I'm running into a problem. I am only setting up two speakers on the main speaker front attachment points. Am I doing something wrong? I set the speakers up but the left side and right side are not balanced when I use the balance main control on the front panel.
The left side I must turn up the volume to half way to hear anything from that side. The right side and left side to balance the front panel control has to be 10% on the left and 90% on the right.

Whats up with this? Help.


Re: Marantz model 4270 Set up problem


Try swapping the left and right channel speaker leads to verify that the speakers are okay. Use the tuner input as source to rule out problems with an external source. If the problem switches to the other speaker then there is a problem with the receiver. This could be a failed component or components internally, but with older receivers the most common problem is oxidized controls and switches. To see if this is the problem, turn the receiver off and then operate all of the controls and switches about a dozen times each. This will help to clean the contacts, but probably won't fix it entirely. The tape monitor and loudness switches are the most common culprits. If operating the controls helps to restore the volume in the bad channel then the unit will need a cleaning with some contact cleaner.

Report back with your findings and we can guide you further.