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Marantz PM40 and PM40SE Service manual uploaded 28th August

I spent hours scanning, compressing and preparing a PDF of the Marantz PM40/PM40SE Service manual on the 28th September and it was successfully uploaded here on the 28th August (3.9Mb) but it hasn't been published. If there was a problem with it you might have let me know.


Sorry for the delay but I run HFE and VE single-handedly in my spare time and there are only so many hours in the day.

If the file is legible it will be processed but I'm still working through files uploaded in mid-August (which is why the upload form is currently disabled). I could just add scans automatically but there would be no quality control (and no motivation for me to host the site).

As stated on the upload page:

"There is often a delay in processing scans (I do this in my spare time). Please bear with me as I appreciate your contribution and process uploads roughly in the order in which they are uploaded"

FWIW I took a quick look and there are about 300mb of files in the queue ahead of your manual so it should be online soon. I do appreciate your contribution but you'll have to bear with me.