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Marantz PM730 Amplifier Reset?

Hi - Does anyone have the manual for the Marantz PM730 amplifier? Or can you tell me how the blue reset button on the back works? This is a computer controlled unit and mine has gone wacko on me. The volume display usually goes in steps of 5 - 10,15,20, etc. The readout is whacked 90, 9, blurred, etc. There is a blue reset button on the back. I did reset it but no effect. This has happened to me once before. I sold that unit on ebay for parts. The guy got it and it worked fine. I think the capacitors must have drained sufficiently to remove all power from the unit and the computer then reset itself. Anybody have any experience here? Thanks, Dave


I can't help you but maybe someone got a manual for this unit. please write to me if you got one