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Marantz SD 230 cassette deck.

I owe a Marantz SD 230 cassette deck from 1983.
Could anybody provide me with a service manual for a.m. deck: I'm looking for the procedures to adjust the automatic stop which tends to be too sensitive, mostly when using fast rewind and fast forward. Also, when the tape is very lightly jammed, it tends to stop instantly in the playing mode.
I suppose there must be an adjusting screw, but I do not dare touching anything without being sure of what I'm doing.
Many thanks in advance for any tip!

Marantz SD 230/330 cassette deck service manual.

I am still looking for a service manual for my Marantz SD 230/330 cassette deck.
I would like to find a good description of the cassette transport mechanism in order to repair/readjust it.
The FF function works, although quite weakly; the REW refuses to turn more than a couple of rev's before activating the automatic STOP switch; the PLAY function works fine.
Having opened the deck, the belts look fine(after a thorough clean with alcool), only there is a little "click" sound at every rev while rewinding, keeping the command pushed , coming from the top right of the mechanism.
Looks like a little spring could be misplaced or missing there...but I cannot reach further without dismantling the whole thing, which, following previous experiences could be disastrous if I don't have a manual to put it back together again!
Could anyone help me please?
Many thanks in advance and best regards,


Marantz SD 230 / SD 330 cassette deck Service manual.

Is there anybody who could help me adjust the automatic stop device on the SD 230 / 330 cassette deck by Marantz (1983).
I still have the original owner's manual and schematics, but of course, no mention about adjustments in there.
That's why a service manual would be most welcome!
I've already had fantastic help from you guys ( thank you arctic, mknovak and fredastaire), I also heard that Karlheinz or caffrox could give a tip...
Lots of thanks in advance,
Best regards,


Try to search for a service manual for SD 225 - SD 230 and higher models are almost the same. As for the adjustment - on the right tip (this little thing which rounds the tape in playback mode) there is a spring - move it with a small screwdriver - it's something like a forward clutch. Good luck.