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Marantz SD230 Stereo Cassette Deck manual requested

Is there a forum member that has a manual for the Marantz SD230 Stereo Cassette Deck.

I'd be very grateful for a copy if they could find time to post it.

Many thanks.

Marantz SD 230 Cassette deck manual rqst.

Hi alanulles,
I also owe a Marantz SD230, but the only material I can provide you with is a copy of the owner's manual, in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish or Swedish. Which do you want? I can scan it for you and send it to your mail address (in one language only, because I'm limited in volume by my scanning/mailing capacity). The downloads on this site are impossible at the moment.
Delighted if I could be of any help.
Best regards,