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Marantz SR-6010DC Service Manual

Hello to everybody. Iam looking for this receiver's Service Manual. I would appreciate if someone can post it.
Thanks in advance.

Onkyo TX-38 Tuner Amplifier

I was hoping you have a service manual for it.
walter Jobst

Service Manual Marantz PM420 Amplifier and ST521 Tuner

looking for service manuals of these wonderful looking older Marantz products.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance


Don't mess up the post!

Dear all,
please don't post in a post! Use your own post/request for your machines!

I see now. Don't they have PMs here?

Many Rgds however.

I tried signing this and my pen leaked

Tokaido A-RK7000R

Does anybody know anything about this amplifier? Did not find any information about this product and very less comments about the company in the www.

Looks a little bit 'high end' inside. Seems to be built in the late 70 ties. Did some pictures if anybody is interested.

Can anybody supply a service manual or a schematic drawing?

Thanks in advance


Service manual wanted

Dear all, has anybody this manual? My receiver is not working at all and I want to repair it since is the only one I am using this period.
Thank you for your attention and posible help.


dear jpaudio
next week i get the service manual for the sr-6000

s van seijen

SR-6000/SF-6010 Manual

Hi s van seijen,

Did you ever receive the manual?

If you had time to post it that would be great.

Many thanks,



hi kurt
i post 5 weeks ago
it is now under marantz manuals

s van seijen

Marantz SR-6000 is the same

Dear all, I just found out that SR-6000 is the same like 6010 exept front face color, the 6000 is silver than 6010 which is goldish.
I hope this information can help.
Thanks in advance.

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service manual marantz sr600dc

hola john,necesitaria el service manual de este receiver por favor,tengo un problema de en power supply,con componentes averiados..gracias..DJ POOCHIE