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Marantz SR585U

I just inherited a Marantz SR585U with no manual and no remote. I'd like to use this as a surround-sound preamp ; I already own some really nice amplified studio speakers so I need to use the preamp outputs, not the amplified outputs. I called Marantz "technical support" and they were completely useless. My questions are:
(1) Does anyone have a copy of the manual I could have?
(2) Does anyone know what sort of remote might work for this unit?
(3) How do I get a signal to come out of the pre-outs? I tried connecting the coax output from my satellite receiver to the coax input of the SR585U but wasn't getting any signal from the pre-outs.

Re: Marantz SR585U

I think the remote you need is the RC580SR. You might try eBay.
There should be audio coming from the pre-amp outputs.