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Marantz SR640

I have acquired a Marantz SR640 that doesn't seem to be getting any power to the tuner. Does anyone have the service manual for this model? There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on it online.

Re: Marantz SR640


Have you managed to fix your receiver, and/or are you still looking for the manual? I do happen to have a service manual for Marantz SR640/SR440 on hand. It's quite a hefty volume & would take some time for me to scan & upload. Let me know how urgent your need is.

My SR640 works, but doesn't sound good. Presume it needs an overhaul; but I've wondered what the potential of this unit actually is. Spec's seem good, but I've heard that at some point in time Marantz product design & quality went downhill, due to change of ownership or whatever. Curious if anyone knows where this model sits on that timeline.