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Marantz stereo receiver model 2245

I need a volume control for this model. It is a double-gang 250k pot with a fourth terminal. I would appreciate information on a source for this part.

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Maybe, it´s a little bit difficult, to find an original part, especially 250 k Doublegang and fourth terminal ( notice: last one is only necessary for the loudness function ! ). Try to get a used one.
When you don´t get this part anywhere, I have one ( NOS ), it´s a japanese part ( 250 k log, fourth terminal, rippelt axe ). But I think, it´s not original marantz ( maybe Technics or so, but often they used the same deliverer ) and I don´t know, whether the mechanical dimensions are the same. When there is an interrest, send an e-mail.

Marantz 2385 volume controller

Did you ever figuIre this out, I have the same issue

Thanks for responding and

Thanks for responding and for the information. Radio Shack makes a doublegang 100k with the fourth terminal. If the receiver was mine I'd try using it with a fixed resistor. It would reduce the range of volume, or maybe not work at all. What do you think? The receiver belongs to a friend and I think he would rather I restored it as close as I can to its original specifications, so I am interested in buying your 250k. Let me know what you think.


... it´s a high difference between 100k and 250k, maybe it will function, I ´d never tried before.

The fourth terminal isn´t necessary for function, so you can try before with a normal 100k potentiometer ( log. ) and a fixed resistance additional. You can buy it in the next store.

Next problem, I´m living in Germany, shipping costs !?

If there is no need of loudness control, take a normal 250k potentiometer.

Next problem, mechanical, length of the shaft....etc.

Ask your friend !

Best wishes !