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Marantz Stereophonic receiver SR-810

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Hi guys,
I'm kind of new here, hope I post this in the right place.
I have a Marantz stereophonic receiver SR-810 and it's all good except the FM reception, very good AM reception thou.
Anyone with any idea where to start to see if I can sold the problem?
Thank you.


Re: Marantz Stereophonic receiver SR-810

First, what type of antenna do you have? If it is a dipole (T shaped flat wire), it may not be good enough. I live in a fair sized city, and still needed an outside roof-mount antenna made for FM.
If that is not the solution, then I would suspect a connection problem. Many tuners are 75 ohm but use a 300 ohm connection (those screw terminals). Inside, there is a matching transformer called a balun--sometimes these have bad connections. It has four wires wrapped around a little gray form (actually only two wires but four leads). After that, I would suspect you have a front end problem with the receiver, and would need a tech for servicing.