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Marantz Vintage

I am very interested in Marantz history and products from the days before Phillips (I think). I am looking for anyone knowledgeable on the engineering and production aspects in those early days. Also, I was wondering if there is some form of serial number database.
My dream would be to find an associate of the Marantz Corp who worked in the early days of mass production of quality components.
BTW I own a 2325 (a replacement for the one I bought new in the Philippines while in the Navy in 1977) and a 1060 I bought barely used with a meal ticket while a student at UW Madison in 1974. Man was my dad pissed! LOL

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Re: Marantz Vintage

The Philips Company was founded in 1891 by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik.This is from Wikipedia.
From what I've read at the beginning of second World War Philips company runs in USA and in1945 go back in Netherlands.Maybe in those difficult years was established the company of MARANTZ,jointly Philips.