hifi engine

Maranz 1050 amp

Recently resurrected my old stereo system . the B & O deck is complete but having been stored for 15 years , seems 'gummed up' when it comes to working - Motor spins fine but linkage has to be manually pushed against roller to activate turntable .....functions re; mechanics of arm etc . How best to clean ?

B & O tuner has lost a channel - repairable ?

Speakers , B & ) 3800 s seem fine . do they need any kind of service ?

I also have a maranz 1050 amp that i am using instead of blown B & O and i can't remember if the stereo button is operating when pushed in or out ?

Finally getting back to vinyl now kids have left Have 100s of albums in storage thet thank heavens , I kept .
Any suggestions welcome
Pete ,London