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Mcintosh mx115 and mc2105 combo - need speakers to match

Hi Mcintosh vintage fans... need some help, please.

I just inherited a set of Mcintosh stereo pieces - mx115 receiver/tuner and mc2105 power amp combo. They work and seem to do OK with the speakers they are hooked up to now - DCM kx12, older version.

I feel that the speakers are too big for the room, though. The room is only 12x13.
I am interested in either new or used speakers that would be fine with all types of music, but I can enjoy me some loud thumpin' from time to time. :)
I guess my set of artists would include Bryan Adams, Adele, BB King, Norah Jones, Snoop Dogg, and of course some 60s-70s rock, incl ACDC... kinda everything. I think the sound of Bose 901s would be great - but the room is too small for where they need to be placed.

Any suggestions would be helpful. My budget is medium, as high end stuff goes now...new or used. Matching the tuner/amp combo is key, I suppose.

Tampa Bay FL area...

thank you much, in advance.