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Meridian MCD Pro Manual

Hi, Can anybody help, I have recently acquired a Meridian MCD Pro player. I downloaded the MCD manual, however, this does not cover the MCD Pro mainly the LED's on the front of the unit. Occasionally some of these light up or glow dimly and there is a switch on the front underside edge. Can anyone help with these lights and switch or a copy of the manual. At this moment I don't know whether there is a problem with the unit or if these lights denote just corrections going on within the unit. Best Regards SPORTY-P

Meridian MCD Pro

Hi again, There is 2 green round labels on the base of the unit with 2 screws down deep countersinks, are these the transit screws, would this cause the correction to work overtime through vibration ? Hope someone can help as I am guessing at the moment. Best Regards

Meridian Pro-MCD


I can photocopy my owner's manual and mail it to you. Let me know your co-ordinates and e-mail address.


Meridian Pro-MCD manual

Hi Madcap,

That would be fantastic.

My co-ordinates are:-

Chris Potter
5 Bogmoor Close
Four Marks
GU34 5Db
United Kingdon

Email address is :- chris.potter@talk21.com

Please let me know the costs to send and I will gladly pay

Look forward to hearing from you.