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Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamp questions


Newbie here! Just acquired a Mitsubishi DA-P10 preamp, which I am hooking up to my Rega RP1, going to a Naim Uniti2 and Bryston Min-T speakers. I have been using a Rega Fono Mini, and the Mitsi is a real improvement on the sound.

My questions: What are the settings I should use? I am using the tone setting at 12 o'clock position (which I think is the 'defeat' position - I assume this means neutral?), the volume at 'Normal' and the Attenuator at 12 o'clock position. It sounds a bit soft on the speakers with these positions (as compared to say using the CD on the Naim). Do I use the Attenuator as a volume control?

I have also been advised (by a guy at an audio shop) to use the Tape REC socket instead of the Pre-Outs, which would bypass the controls. That seemed to produce a higher volume. Is it safe to use the Tape REC?

Any maintenance/ servicing I should do on the unit?

Many thanks!