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modded quad

modded my aged 303 earlier this year[caps diodes psu] now considdering doing a33.anyone tried? ,was it worth the effort?,should i just build a passive pre?answers please on a £50 note to
ray :lol:

Modded Quad

Hi Ray, jon

I have 2 sets 33/303 in good cosmetic and internal condition. I bought them a couple of years back from the same seller and about a year apart.

At the time, I gave them to a trusted audio electronics engineer and asked him to replace anything that was needed for both sets.

I still haven't made up my mind about them and it is such a fag to f#rt around with those din connectors.

Maybe one of these days, I'll make them more user friendly.

On the other hand, very recently - I bought a Quad 405. Also in good original nick and from the same guy.

I proceeded with the speaker terminals first, changed the 'danger' led from red to blue in the front, replaced the caps with some really impressive-looking 'fatboy' black & gold Kendeils (made in Italy), change the smaller pcb caps and fitted a discreet on/off toggle at the back.

Horrors! Lastly, I changed the color in auto base-coat/clearcoat to gunmetal.

Let anyone say about this amp what they want, I like it!

The point I'm trying to make Ray, I think if it would be possible to perhaps part-exchange the 33/303 for a 405 and then tweak it, should give far more jollies. You may even be able to annoy the neighbours....



PS I also run a Leak Stereo 20 in fine fettle

modded quad

the hotted 303 is a vast improovement over the norm and i use it with a stepped attenuator to great effect.its just a reuctance to throw the 33 away, imay just have a fiddle now the dark nights are with us ,any thing to keep away from the telly.

modded quad

Hi Ray, I hold the 33 in fairly low esteem as an actual hi-fi pre amp so I'd make a simple passive pre to squeeze the best from the modded 303. I often wondered while I had a 33/303 how it would perform with new caps etc because as it was it was pretty tired sounding.


Modded Quad 33/303


I own a modded Quad FM3/33/303 and it sounds superb after the operation.

It now sounds as good as my Meridian(s)!!!