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I saw some rather nice looking bookshelf size loudspeakers at a Boot sale recently.. Real wood cabinet and made by Monitor Audio. In lovely condition the guy wanted £4 the pair.. So i bought them thinking 'maybe they are faulty' - but they sound absolutely brilliant. The only wording on the back says 'Monitor 1' Does anyone know anything about this model? They are connected to my Pioneer A400 Amp and sound very nice. Thanks

Monitor one

Monitor one

Monitor Audio Monitor One

These speakers were the company's entry level from this series which they introduced around '91. I purchased a pair of these back in the mid 90's in the rosewood veneer. You'll notice that these are described as 'diminutive' bookshelf speakers owing to their size. I think you'll agree that they sound 'bigger' than their dimensions suggest. Mine are on the end of an Audiolab 8000a integrated which make them sound rather full with exceptional vocal clarity. On suitable stands, away from corners and at least six inches in from the rear wall to let the rear bass port breath, these are fine mini monitors in a small room. I believe they're rated at 70w at 88db sensitivity which is around average, so a meaty, open, brightish amp would be ideal as opposed to an under-powered budget amp. It's a shame the bass port were not at the front or top as this would have been more successful and opened up another market. An underrated speaker nevertheless. £4.00 eh? Were they in good nick? Cheers