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Motorola amp 185-33

I'm looking for a schematic for a motorola amp 185-33.

So I need a little advice. I'm recapping the filter capacitor on a Motorola amp 185-33 and the can is clearly marked with the values and has the symbols (half-circle, square, triangle) to indicate which is which but no where is it marked on the chassis or around the soldered tabs with those symbols. I can't tell which is the 40uf, 30uf, or the 20uf. Is there another way to tell which is which?

Re: Motorola amp 185-33

You need to look carefully at the phenolic insulator; that's the brown portion that the terminals are coming out of. Just to the inside of the terminal will be a triangle, square or half-round cut-out.

Re: Motorola amp 185-33

I appreciate your input. I think I see it now. I was looking for a printed marking or the symbol scratched into the phenolic. It's an actual cutout! Thanks a bunch Johnnsan!