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NAD 3020Bwith Dynaudio speakers

I have a NAD 3020B which I use with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 50 speakers I bought about 11 years ago. When I bought the speakers I listened to them with some high power amps such as the Densen Beat 100 and Exposure. I've never really been able to get the same punchy sound with my NAD that I heard then. I tend to listen at lower volumes anyway, but feel I'm not really driving the Dynaudios enough - they're know to be a heavy load for an amp. However, many people have told me I'd be mad to change the NAD (and I must admit it would probably cost a lot to get something better).

One thing I wondered was whether to change the output on the amp from 8ohm to 4 ohm. I'm a little nervous as I don't want to blow the amp, but could anyone comment whether this woud be safe or give any improvement/changes

The setting of 4 Ohms only

The setting of 4 Ohms only provides a lower voltage to your power amp section, you can safely do that with any kind of speaker. Setting it to 8 Ohm with a speaker that will drop below 4 Ohms can cost you your amp!!

So go ahead, and throw the switch. You will notice the thing running cooler also.

Whatever people tell you, not every combination of an amp and speakers will bring you to heaven. So if you are not satisfied with the amp, borrow another one and test it out. Power tells you nothing useful, it is the character of the amp in combination with the speakers that rocks or does not rock...

Good luck in finding your solution, and eh....throw the Ohm switch to a safer 4 Ohm.

This is a quite small amp,

This is a quite small amp, wu\ith an output of just 20W / channel.

You would just need a bigger amp.