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nad 310 volume pot

I have a nad 310 that has an issue I think is the volume control. One channel plays very loud even it off position. Other channel is quiet. Turning control clockwise changes volume in that channel slightly lower. other doesn't have sound. At one point, it seemed to work and volume went on both, but very loud. Where can I get part or can it be taken apart to fix?TY.

Re: nad 310 volume pot

Might be a bad control, but you need to check the solder connections on the control; one end of the control has to go to ground, for minimum volume. The bad solder would be there.

Re: nad 310 volume pot

Thank you for the feedback. Not easy to get to the solder connections on this amp. Have to remove board. I noticed that is has four pins rather than three which most pots use
for balance and volume controls. Not sure why the extra for are there two grounds to anchor pot? I will check it. Thank you. I have a matching tuner to go with it. Nice little low power unit. I had one of the pe series which had an amazing amount of reserve backup power.