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NAD 3155 amp

To anybody who might know:
I am driving a bridged setup using two Nad 2155 and using the Nad 3155 (integrated) preamp only.
The reason is because I am getting the Nad 1155 preamp repaired that will take 12 weeks so I can't be without music for that long.
On the 3155 the pre output jack configuration is different from the 1155 preamp.
I know how to configure using the 3155 as one of the amps in conjunction with one of the 2155 (system bridged mono).
My question: How to bypass the amp in the 3155 and use only its preamp to drive two 2155?
thanks for any help.

Re: NAD 3155 amp

If I understand you right, you mean how to use the 3155 as a preamp only?

To do this you remove the links between pre out and main in, then connect the Left pre-out connection to one power amp, and the Right pre-out connection to the other power amp.

Re: NAD 3155 amp

Thanks JaS,
They way you suggest too bypass the amp in the 3155 is for normal stereo. Will this configuration provide the bridge application ?

Re: NAD 3155 amp

Sorry, from the manual to do this you would switch the bridge switch to mono, connect the Left pre-out to the power amplifier and leave the Right pre-out to main in connected. Now connect the other speaker to the Right speaker out terminals (all with the amp turned off of course).

The manual is a little low-res but explains it better?