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NAD 402 Reciever Problems

Good afternoon!

My first post!! And its a technical one!

I bought myself a NAD 402 Tuner recently after being told it all worked perfectly, but as soon as I plug it in, all the LED lights and the station display light up, and I only get a buzzing sound through the speakers when turned on. I've not had a chance to open her up and look under the cover yet, hopefully I will tonight, but if anyone has any ideas or pointers, I would appreciate it!

Thanks in advance


NAD 402 Reciever Problems

Power supply regulator(s) could be bad, or possibly bad filter caps. I can't find a schematic, but the power supply voltages could be listed on the circuit board.

NAD 402 Reciever Problems


Thanks for the reply and sorry for taking an age to respond.

Upon closer inspection, it looks as if its been apart before and had a transistor repaced, so maybe its faulty again. I'll try and post some pictures up soon!

Thanks again

NAD 402 Reciever Problems

I uploaded the Service Manual. Look for it in a few Days.

NAD 402 Reciever Problems

@ Boots - Thank you very much!

NAD 402 Reciever Problems

Service manual is now there, so thanks again Boots!