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I recently traded my original 7240PE (had blown left channel at speaker output but still worked great as a pre-amp). I parted with other gear in exchange for a fully functional 7240PE. It seems to clip WAY TOO SOON thus yet again it's only good for use as a pre-amp. I'd really like to read a copy of the manual as the guy who I made the deal with says it's an ohm issue which I say BS. cuz the brochures state it is stable right down to 2 ohms. I've tried 4 ohm, 6 Ohm, and 8 ohm speakers, played with the impedance switch on the back,, all to no avail. So all I want is to read the instruction manual, show this guy the specs page and solve these issues. Anyhelp much appreciated.

NAD 7240PE Manual

I have both the service manual and the operators manual if you are still in need of the info

NAD 7240PE manual

Can you upload to site?