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NAD 7600

I pressed the power button to listen to some music and nothing happened. I had just played it two days ago and it worked fine.
I checked the fuse and the power cord and the power switch on the back of the unit. Nothing happens.
Any ideas as to what to check next would be helpful.

Thanks, Gary

Re: NAD 7600

The 7600 uses a remote control, so it needs a standby power supply. This is a small transformer inside that produces power for the On relay. My first suspicion would be that the filter capacitors on the small relay board are bad, then possibly the small transformer itself. I think the capacitors are 10uf 25 volt, 2200uf 25 volt and 22uf 35 volt--I would replace them all.
If the relay is functioning it could be a bad power transformer (unlikely).

Re: NAD 7600

Thanks, I really appreciate your time and information. I'll check it out.

Thanks again,