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NAD ire amp question

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Norning folks, I have an NAD 1240 preamp. I'm wondering if I could safely use splitters in the "tape in" and "tape out" termiinals to run a reel to reel tape deck and a CD player/recorder? Not both at the same time but individually> Anybody help me here? Thanks, Dave

you can but...

Your idea is good, but unfortunately won't work in practice. I suggest finding a tape deck switching box (heaps were made in 1970s and 80s) and put it in the loop- that will allow all sorts of dubbing, dual and bidirectional copying functions. eBay would be a good source for such a device- look for an old one- new ones are all about video and don't offer tape deck facilities.
You can't simply parallel outputs and inputs with splitters- an output has an essentially zero output impedance which will 'load down' the other output and cause distortion, loss of level and other non linearites. If one unit is on and the other off, other issues come into play and can also sound dreadful. Split inputs are much the same.
Stick to a dedicated tape switching box.