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NAD T750 AV receiver used as a HIFI amp

My son bought a second hand NAD T750 which is in a good condition.
He wants to use it as a normal stereo amplifier with 2 or 4 speakers.

However, when we connected my pair of NAD 800 speakers to the front speaker terminals we were a bit disappointed, because it does not sound more powerful than my NAD 304, which is supposed to be a less powerful amp.

Do I need more powerful speakers to enjoy the full benefit of this AV receiver/amp or do I need the full set of speakers connected?

Re: NAD T750 AV receiver used as a HIFI amp

Model 304 is two-channel stereo integrated amp, whereas T750 is surround sound receiver, (5.1). When comparing the two, it is essential to confirm the mode of operation for the T750. Many surround receivers offer various options, e.g., "Hall", "Stadium", "Dolby", "Stereo", etc. If the receiver is in a surround mode, the output will be reduced because decoder is attempting to extract the multiple signals. Check the operating manual for details about mode selections and surround sound playback choices. Get the rig set for two-channel stereo and it will be as loud as your 304. Difference between 35 and 50 watts per channel will be headroom, no significant amplitude increase will be perceivable.

Re: NAD T750 AV receiver used as a HIFI amp

Thank you for your reply