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Nad watts query

Howdy..I'm a newby. I have just purchased a pair of 80 watt wall speakers to connect to my amp (NAD 3020i) which I bought back in 1990. The sticker on the back says 140 watts power rating...Is this ok?
I've just done some reading which says the amp is actually rated at 2 x 20 watts?? I was told to use an amp 50% more than your speakers watt rating but the 2 x 20 watt rating that I've read in reviews contrasts with the sticker on the amp. Greatly appreciate any help. Regards Ben.

Nad watts query

The rating on the back of the amplifier is the amount of mains watts the amplifier uses at full power, not the output wattage. As for the speakers, 80W is the maximum input power, either continuous or peak, depending on the manufacturer.

What matters more than the wattage rating is the sensitivity of the speakers (ie how much volume you get for power put in), the impedance of the speakers (4 ohm is more difficult to drive than 8 ohm), the size of your room and how loud you want your music? A 20W amp can fill a massive room with sound with high sensitivity speakers, but low sensitivity speakers can require huge amplifiers for the same volume.

If you already have the amp and speakers, try them together and see how much you have to crank the volume up to get the volume you want?


Nad watts query

Hi Mate, Thats a huge help... really appreciate it.Nice to know you can send a question into the ether and someone takes the time to reply. Regards Ben.