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NAD120 receiver amp

Love to know if anybody has a circuit diagram that they are willing to share. Would like to repair one that was found with a 5 amp fuse in the power supply. Should have about 1.25A I believe. My Kenwood KR8050 has 5 A, but has a bit more grunt than the NAD. Appreciate any assistance.
PS..a couple of the D315D are dead too.

Re: NAD120 receiver amp

Owner's manual says .125AT (time delay, slo-blow). You can replace 2SD315D with NTE 175. If they run hot you can buy small heat sinks (if they are free standing)

Re: NAD120 receiver amp

Thanks Johnnysan, I knew the 5amp was way too big. I have already sourced some NTE175's. They are all (4) mounted on a common heatsink via mica washers so I think they should be ok. If not, there is plenty of space for extra cooling.

Appreciate your time.