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Nakamichi 482 cassette deck - eject button stuck

Hi, I have a tape stuck in my cassette deck. Just took the cover and front off but can't figure out how to get the tape out or reset the eject button.

Has anyone else had this problem and can let me know how to fix it? I am a total novice so might be worth taking it to a specialist!


Re: Nakamichi 482 cassette deck - eject button stuck


This is a common problem with this Nakamichi mechanism. The problem is that the hold down for the eject cable is broken. The eject cable is similar to a bicycle brake cable or motorcycle throttle cable, it has an outer plastic sleeve and an inner wire that runs inside of it. If you look at the back of the mechanism you will see where the cable sleeve has come loose because the plastic hold down is broken. There is a screw that goes through the plastic and secures the end of the cable. The idea was that the cable would need to be adjustable, but in reality it never needed adjusting. My fix was always to epoxy the end of the cable in the right position. IF YOU DO THIS YOU MUST BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET ANY EPOXY INTO THE END OF THE CABLE WHERE THE WIRE GOES. The position that you epoxy the cable into determines how far out the eject button goes. Just put it where you remember it being.

To get the cassette door open just use some needle nose plier to grab the end of the cable and move it. You will see that the eject button moves back to the extended position. If you hold the end of the cable you can press the eject button and retrieve the tape.