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Nakamichi AV-1 Service Manual

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Hi guys,

I have an absolutely beautiful Nakamichi AV-1 that simply will not run. The display lights up. Functions all appear to indicate properly via display and the solenoids trigger when selecting speaker output. But alas, nobody is home. No headphones and no speakers. Period. Dead, done, good night.

I am seeking a service manual to rehabilitate this animal. Comments (a few years old) in the HiFiEngine database indicate that the manual is here, but I am not seeing it. Perhaps it was here at one time and taken down.

Can anyone help me get a bead on a manual? I would really love to get this one running again. It is a beautiful unit.

Note, I am in need of the 100WPC AV "dash" 1, not the later model and higher powered AV1.

Hope someone can help on this.

All my best!