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nakamichi bx-100 cassette deck

Hi all beloved & respected Members, this is my 1st post in this Forum and I am from India. I have intended to acquire an used nakamichi BX-100 cassette-deck of yester years. There is no Nak-mechanic in the area I live in. I want advice whether I should go for such old deck and if anyone be kind to inform me pros & cons of the deck. Thanking u all.

Hello Animesh, The take up

Hello Animesh,

The take up and supply reel mechanism is prone to failure on this model, and others from the same series, because of the idler wheel system used to drive them. In later models, (CR), Nakamichi has used a gear driven mechanism for the wheels which eliminated the previous problem.

Other than that the function motor can have an intermittent problem which will render impossible the usage of the front command buttons. It is very difficult to get this motor if needed.

The capstan motor might be out of calibration, the capstan and the counter belts might need to be replaced.

There is a way of converting the mechanism of the bx100 into the later (gear driven) type if you have the necessary parts and an experienced technician in Nakamichi decks.

I have seen and repaired all the above mentioned problems.

Once a BX-100 is repaired and properly calibrated using Nakamichi test tapes, there is no equal to it. The sound is quite equal to the original, difficult to differentiate.

In conclusion, in your case, I don't think it is a good idea to buy this model. Try to get a later model which will have less problem.



Hello Animesh,The take up

dear joe, thanks for the clarification. btw i need a small clarification regarding this deck. This deck doesnt seem to have a volume control knob. in this case how can one control the volume while using headphone in this deck. rgds. thanks. in advance.visvan