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Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck question

I own a Nakamichi Dragon deck, purchased 1983. It has been in storage for a number of years, I have decided to try it again and now find the cassette drive to be slipping in play, ff, and rw. The unit played faultlessly prior to storage. The electronic complexity is considerable but I suspect the mechanical drive assy may require adjusting or drive wheels etc adjusted or replaced. Nakamichi manuals are available online, however can anyone suggest a repair process (or facility in NZ or Australia) please?

Re: Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck question

I service Dragons, the preliminary estimate is $700.
many machines end up being 400 to 500, but the estimate which you must agree to is still $700.

(colorado USA)

Re: Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck question


I suggest you checkout the Tapeheads http://www.tapeheads.net site as it is a tape deck geared site (though also do get into other audio & video gear) & have a few Nak & Dragon experts there. Also some members might be able to suggest reputable service shops in NZ & AU.

That said a couple likely problems that are causing your problem. It probably needs a new Idler Tire & there is a very good chance that it has rancid/hardened grease/lube on the transport, specifically the pinch roller arms which cause them to seize up preventing the pinch rollers from fully engaging the capstans. This is a common problem on the Classic Transport Naks (which the Dragon is one of them). Even still it is HIGHLY suggested you have a reputable tech service the deck due to age and further & continued long service life (don't want irreplacable parts damaged, so best to STOP using it until you get further input from some Nak experts &/or have it looked at). The tech can also preform the running factory "improvements/updates" & replace any "orange" caps IF the deck has them as they are a common failure item in some Naks & other decks (IF the tech you pic is TRULY a Nak tech they WILL know abt the "Orange Cap" problem.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a repair facility here in New Zealand who can diagnose and carry out repairs to such a sophisticated deck. Certainly haven’t found anyone that can provide parts in this part of the world for a Dragon. The unit will continue to gather dust, but such a waste as since new it performed perfectly.

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It DOESN'T need to be like that. IF you are really serious about getting your Dragon back in shape LOOK at & sign up at the site I linked to in my first reply. They are tape deck fans & experts & there are a lot of Nak experts on there. Someone there MIGHT have some suggested shops in either the AU or NZ that can properly service Naks & Dragons.

You can also contact GlennLab https://www.gennlab.com/ and http://www.gennlab.com/dragon.html they are located in NZ. They sell quality in house made Test/Alignment tapes AND also service equipment.

Other than that you also have options in the EU for servicing a Dragon.