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Nakamichi TM-1 Clock Radio User Manual

Does anyone have a link to or possess a user manual for a Nakamichi TM-1 clock radio that can be shared? This radio has a "Grad-U-Wake feature that I need to adjust, but cannot determine how. As it is it gets so loud after about five seconds that I can't stand it. That may be the idea, but I would like to adjust the range to something more comfortable. I have looked all over the internet and cannot find a single resource. Can somebody please help figure this out...? Really I just need the instructions to adjust the alarm volume range. You would think one could hold the alarm button down and adjust the volume knob on the side of the unit and affect it that way, but the alarm volume functions separately from the mechanical knob adjustment, at least by default. Maybe if I stand on one leg and whistle while I turn it perhaps then it will adjust the volume.
Yes of course, I will give that a try.... (sigh !@#$%). Someone...?