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Nakamichi vs. Harman\Kardon

Hi everyone!

I have 3 decks: Harman\Kardon TD420, Nakamichi 480 and Nakamichi DR-3, all in mint condition. I need to sell one o those but i can´t decide who of these girls must leave my rack.
I know, Nak is Nak, but Harman\Kardon´s TD420 it´s pretty too.
Which is the best decision? Stay with a Nak & HK, and sell one Nak?
I can´t find many differences between Naks and HK´s TD420, except 480´s doble capstan & Needle VU meter.
Can anybody give me some tips? Just to take the right decision.

Thanks a lot!


Nakamichi vs. Harman\Kardon

Keep the 480; classic Nak build, engineering, sound,

And the HK TD420; nice unconventional design,

Sell the DR3; nice but disposable compared to the real classic Naks.


Don't hope to make much on it though, one from eBay