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Need help with Marantz HD -770 speakers

I removed the three screws holding the tweeter in the cabinet ,but i cant pull it out,any ideas ?

Re: Need help Technic SU-V2 amp

I have a SU-V2 amp I turned it on for the first time in about 10 years to play a record
when I first turned it on both channels were scratchy but after playing around with the volume and balance one channel came good but the other one is still very scratchy
Is there anything I can do to fix this


Re: Need help with Marantz HD -770 speakers

It needs to be gently pried out; use a slot screwdriver and start with one side then the other.

Re: Need help with Marantz HD -770 speakers

Thanks, do you pry under the silver ring,or right behind it? I picked these up at an estate sale, they are in great shape ,except for one tweeter not working.Also can the the pots be cleaned with Deoxit? if so how do i get to them? Thanks again for the help.

Re: Need help with Marantz HD -770 speakers

I think the tweeters are recessed; pry just inside the recessed area of the cabinet. The controls are in the front; removed the 4 bolts and pull the panel out. Spray Deoxit in a hole at the terminals. If the tweeter isn't working you have a bad tweeter or component on the crossover like a resistor or capacitor or a tweeter control is open. If a capacitor is bad I would recommend replacing all the capacitors in both speakers; they are bipolar.
You may want to check the crossover network first if the tweeter is hard to get out; if you have an ohmmeter (or digital multimeter) you can check resistance of the tweeter and resistors; some digital meters have a capacitance range.

Re: Need help with Marantz HD -770 speakers

I have a ohmmeter,so i will check the crossover board, still cannot get tweeter out, prying on it seems to do very little, except that i am scratching up the area around the tweeter!! Removed the woofer, to look at crossover, will let you know.