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Need help to fix Optinica 1414 amp

Hey all you audio heads! New member here. I was able to get a vintage Optonica amp and tuner at a garage sale a few years ago for less than $10.... but the amp has always had a "dead channel" (left or right will not go until it warms up) It seems that if I roll the dials a bit it gets going, but then fades in and out until it warms up, listening right now after being on for 2 hours or so. Sounds good ....

About a year ago I opened the chassis and sprayed all of the pots with contact cleaner. No help.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Looking to replace it and keep the nice tuner, still a great deal.

Re: Need help to fix Optinica 1414 amp

My first guess would be poor solder connections in the amplifier stage. If it uses amplifier modules (those large black plastic items mounted to heat sinks) I would resolder all the pins. Look for power handling devices like driver transistors or larger transistors; these get warm and the solder connections sometimes break. Next look at connector pins that have wires; these are notorious for not being soldered properly.

Re: Need help to fix Optinica 1414 amp

Thanks for the kind reply Johnny. I'm not very good at soldering though, (the bigger the glob the better the job I always say) I'll probably trade it in for a different vintage amp, but it's a shame since the tuner and amp match and both look cool together.