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Need nakamichi 700 tri-tracer service manual

Hello! I want to fix my new old lover (seem the logic ic problem), anybody have the service manaul can support me, many thanks!

nakamichi 700 TT

I had problems with mine several years ago and determined that the problem lay in the contacts between the circuit board supporting the push buttons and the slots the board contacts are pushed into. So I took the unit apart, tinned the contacts with solder to make them thicker and replaced and re-assembled and now my TT works fine. I just wish I could find a user's manual 'cause I don't understand what the limiter does. Oh and when I attempt to download the one offered on this site I just get blank pages. I'll look to see if my Firefox version is the latest but for some reason I don't think this is the problem but let me be the first to admit my computer skills are not the best..

re Nakamichi 700 TT

With regard to my previous comments about getting blank pages when I downloaded the 700 TT manual, as usual I was wrong. Good thing I'm easy-going. Turns out my antique computer operating system (Tiger 10.4) can't run the latest adobe pdf files and I need to get OS 10.5! Well, I'd like to move on to 10.5 (or 10.6) but time and money prohibit this move for the immediate future. But Kinko's can open and print such files and that's how I got my free download of the Nakamichi 700 TT manual printed out. Many thanks to HiFI Engine and Kinko's - Now I know what that Limiter switch on my 700 TT is for!