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Need owners/service manual for Sharp SX-8800 (GY)

I cannot seem to locate ANY info. on my Sharp SX-8800 (GY). Anyone with some advice for me? Even Sharp told me they have NO info. It has always performed well, any advice about this unit? Is it "junk"? It sounded good to me before it "died". (Also looking for service manual for Harmon/Kardon PM645 Amplifier).Thank you! Tim C.

Sharp SX 8800



I raise the question - anyone can help with a manual for Sharp SX 8800 H? Thanks in advance!

Sharp sx-8800gy

Hey Megsspider just wandering if you have found any info on this unit,mine seems to work good but I don't know what the one small wire(the end is cut off) that comes out of the back with the power plug and audio plugs.Any help is appreciated.Thanks,Sansuijim