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Need Service Manual for a Carrera LT-120 Linear Tracking Turntable

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Hi everyone, I have had this turntable since it was new and it is working, but I need to get my hands on a copy of a service manual so I can adjust it. It is no longer dropping the tone arm at the beginning of tracks. Or, if anyone knows how to adjust it, please let me know! Thanks in advance for any help!

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I figured it out with a little tinkering!

I was able to get it apart and while doing so, I found that the cable that moves the tone arm had come off of one of its pulleys inside. That was why it was missing the beginning of the tracks. I repositioned the cable in the pulley and put it back together and it is working perfectly and sounds great. I'd still like to find a manual for it some day....

Carrera LT-120 tech manual

I also have the Carrera LT-120 turntable but have only the owner's manual - no technical manual. I don't have the same problem you did but since you opened it up and tinkered with it, I'm wondering if you might have any insight into solving my problem. The tonearm has started not tracking well, as if it's much too light and can't stay in the record groove. It tends to move on its own toward the center of the record (what they used to call "skating"), kind of lightly skimming over the surface of the record. If I put a penny on top of the cartridge, it tracks fine and no longer skates inward. However, I'm sure there's a much better solution than just weighting it down more because it used to not need that extra weight to track perfectly. Did you notice anything inside the case that might adjust the tracking force or at least make the arm stop moving inward on its own? Better still, have you found a source to get the technical manual? Many thanks for any ideas you may have. It's a cool turntable and I want it to work like it used to.