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Need some help "Capstan" Pioneer rt707

Need some help

I just purcased a Pioneer rt707 reel to reel 7. 1/2 takeup reel
I didnt pay much for it the seller did not have much knowledge on the item
He tested some of the buttons and other switches to indicate that it power on it fast forward and fast rewind he did not have any tapes to test paying or reverse playing when I received it I was ready to test play a pre recorded reel of the beatles abbey road it would not play I thought maybe a reel lock after reading some of the operation manual the capstan should be turning I notice it not turning at all
I need some advise on what else can I check to see if the capstan needs to be replaced or maybe just a fuse

Re: Need some help "Capstan" pioneer rt707

If you can't move the capstan shaft by hand (or it is very stiff) then the capstan motor is seized and needs to be serviced; they can be taken apart, cleaned and lubed. If it moves freely then you may have a power supply problem, a problem on the capstan control board or a tape sensing switch is defective (this is the switch that senses the tape has been threaded properly).

Re: Need some help "Capstan" pioneer rt707

Thanks for the information it does move freely so I will check the sensor switches as you advised me
The service manual shows that it has foil fuses or some kind of fuses I'm wondering I should be checking those as well