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Need To Know How To Change Meter Bulbs in Marantz 2020 tuner

If I can't get the manual at least I need to know how to change meter lights in this unit.

try this ...

... first here is a link you can see, which different lamps are being used in Marantz eqipment:


Normally the meter lamps are these ones, which are looking like fuses
( 8 V, 200 or 300 mA ).

Now, download the servicemanual from the receiver 2216 B. On page 22 on the left side you can see the exploded view of a marantz meter. Maybe this should be usefull ?


P.S. Remark: The price of the lamps on the homepage mentioned above are a little bit to high. In Germany you are paying about 50 cents/ each.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the information. However, I have a 2216B and a 2226B; the meters in these units have a convex housing.

The 2020 tuner's meter housing is flat as a pancake. I can't see where the bulbs are, much less how to change them.

2020 Tuner

You have to take the cover and faceplate off to access them on the side. Once you get the faceplate off, you will see them on the side. To get the tuning knob off, it takes a hex or allen wrench, but I'm not sure what size. You may have to buy a good, complete set of allen wrenchs if you don't have the right size.